Reform Coalition of Canada



The RCC's website Systemic Corruption, Criminality and China in Canada compiles evidence of four decades of ever-increasing institutionalized malfeasance that necessitates fundamental reform of governance on three levels (federal, provincial & municipal), the four constituents of the administration of justice (Bench, Bar, law enforcement & attorney general) and the economy (regional, national & international). 


Three hundred plus organizations, associations and groups -- representing over 20 million Canadians -- with a vested interested in this initiative have been edified and offered an opportunity to form a coalition that will author and execute a national awareness campaign to trigger a public discussion and debate about this non-transparent dimension of federal and provincial governance.


And non-mainstream political parties registered federally and provincially are also in possession of the evidence with the objective of forming an alternative to the current system and ready to step forward when the public recognizes the need for a government that reflects Canadian principles and values of democracy, rule of law, transparency, accountability and human rights.


This is the official portal through which the business of the Reform Coalition of Canada is being conducted.







Contact the RCC Founder, Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B. (Alberta Bar), at 604.609.0520 and










































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