Reform Coalition of Canada

Political Party Invitees 





RCC Draft Political Platform Critiques & Replies: #1 #2 #3


First Peoples National Party of Canada: William Morin, President (705.561.8004)

Progressive Canadian Party: Hon. Sinclair Stevens (905.853.8949)

Newfoundland and Labrador First Party: Darryl Harding, Chief Party Agent (709.722.6537) 

BC Refederation Party: Dennis Shaw, Founder & President (250.758.2089)

Ontario Libertarian Party: Jim McIntosh, Treasurer (416.283.7589)

Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia: Jonathan Dean, Leader (902.446.6694)

Reform Party of British Columbia: Ron Gamble, President (604.980.7779)

Alberta Social Credit Party: Len Skowronski, Leader (888.762.7331)


Alberta Party: Edwin Erickson, Leader (780.682.2368)

Reform Party of Ontario: Brad Harness, Leader (519.245.2041)


Freedom Party of Ontario: Paul McKeever, Leader and Robert Metz, President (905.721.9772)

Christian Heritage Party of Canada: Vicki Gunn, Executive Director (819.281.6686)

Libertarian Party of Canada: Dennis Young, Leader (403.660.7737)


Separation Party of Alberta: Bruce Hutton, Leader (403-845.3949)


Island Party of P.E.I.: Jay Gallant, Interim Leader (902.432.0230), Paul Smitz, Official Agent (902.658.2641), 


Republican Party of Ontario: Trueman Tuck, Leader (613.968.9392)


Western Block Party: Doug Christie, Leader (250.727.3438)


Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan: Dana Arneson, Leader (306.827.2318)


Family Coalition Party of Ontario: Phil Lees, Leader (905.389.1100)


Green Party of PEI: Sharon Labchuk, President (902.621.0719)


Green Party of New Brunswick: Jack MacDougall, Leader (506.447.8499)

Green Party of Ontario: Mike Schreiner, Leader and Bill Hewitt, President (416.977.7476)


People's Political Power Party of Canada: Roger Poisson, Leader (204.233.6087)


United Party of Canada Robert Cameron, President, National Director (905.476.000)

Peoples’ Alliance of New Brunswick: Jason Innes, President (506.860.3491) 

Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada: Stephen Best, Chief Agent (705.436.4881) 

Advocational International Democratic Party of British Columbia: Beverly Bird (250.503.0728)

British Columbia First Party: Salvatore Vetro, Founder (604.710.2100) 

British Columbia Patriot Party, Arthur Carrier (250.545.8600) 

British Columbia Party: Graham Gifford (604.526.8909) 

Progressive Nationalist Party of British Columbia: Patrick (Ty) Roberts (250.567.0072) 

British Columbia Heritage Party: Mischa Popoff, Leader (250.495.2909)

British Columbia Conservative Party: Wayne McGrath, President (250.542.7744)

Manitoba Liberal Party: Dennis Trochim, Executive Director (204.988.9380) 

Rhinoceros Party of Canada: Serge Grenier, Chief Agent (514.903.9450)















































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