Reform Coalition of Canada

Recent News Relevant to RCC Interests & Objectives




January 7, 2011: Canada‘s a Target for Foreign Interference Spy Chief Warns, Globe & Mail



December 13, 2010: Welfare in Canada Remains Far Below Most Socially Accepted Measures of Adequacy and Can be Harder to Get Today Than 20 Years Ago, National Council of Welfare Report



November 25, 2010: B.C. Has Worst Child Poverty Rate in Canada Seven Years in a Row, Georgia Straight



November 16, 2010: Food-bank Use Soars Again in 2010, Canadian Press


November 1, 2010: Whatever Happened to CSIS Director Richard Fadden’s Bombshell Accusations About Cabinet Ministers Being in the Pockets of Foreign Governments?, RCC Editorial 



October 28, 2010: Whistleblower Advocates Call for Reforms as AG Launches Probe, The Epoch Times



October 27, 2010: A Powerful Churchillian Warning About China’s 21st Century Opportunity, RCC Editorial


August 24, 2010: A Contribution of the BC Refederation Party to the Reform Coalition of Canada’s Draft Proposal for a National Provisional Government, RCC News



July 8, 2010: CSIS Chief Should be Applauded for Openness, Ottawa Citizen


July 5, 2010: Did CSIS Director Fadden’s Committee Testimony Help or Prejudice RCC Interests and Objectives?, RCC Editorial


July 4, 2010: Oh, How They So Quickly Forget: What MPs Said on the Hansard Record About Chinese Spying, RCC Editorial



July 3, 2010: News Articles and Commentary on the Fadden Bombshell That Pave the Way for the RCC National Awareness Campaign, RCC Editorial



July 2, 2010: The Reform Coalition of Canada Applies to be Heard by the Fadden-Motivated Public Safety and National Security Committee, RCC News


July 1, 2010: Spies Like Us: Inside China’s World of Espionage in Canada. Asian Pacific Post


June 29, 2010: Governor General Begins Visit to China, Ottawa Citizen



June 28, 2010: Russian Spy Ring Suspects Busted! 10 Alleged Secret Agents Arrested in U.S., ABC News


June 27, 2010: The G20 Protests & Riots: Staged and Choreographed to Justify Ripping the Taxpayer Blind, RCC Editorial


June 26, 2010: French G8-G20 Summits Will Cost '10 Times Less’ Than Canada's: Sarkozy, The Star


June 26, 2010: The CBC Uses Imagery During G20 Newscasts to Transmit the Message of Complicity and Loyalty to the China Agenda, RCC News



June 26, 2010: Cyber-Sabotage Continues to Plague RCC Reform and Accountability Initiative, RCC News



June 25, 2010: Explain Yourself or Resign, Critics Tell Top Spy’ and ‘Chow Slams Spy Fiction’, The Star


June 23, 2010: Canadian Politicians Accused of Being Under Control of Foreign Governments, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and CBC News


June 21, 2010: Canadian Labour Congress Threatens Libel Action Against RCC: President Ken Georgetti et al. 21st Century Oscar Wildes, RCC News  


June 16, 2010: Farmers Overcharged Hundreds of Millions Through Excessive Rail Rates, Canadian Federation of Agriculture



June 10, 2010: RCMP Ethics Department Declines Investigation of Law Enforcement That Procured, Perpetuated and Protected the Status Quo; and Again Making the Case for ‘Totalitarians & Triads’ Enjoying a Front Row Seat Politically and Economically at the Expense of All Canadians, RCC News


June 4, 2010: Is the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service Going to Protect the Status Quo or Join the Reform Initiative?, RCC Editorial


June 2, 2010: Canadian Labour Congress: Perceived to be Facilitating and Protecting the Interests of Totalitarians and Triads and Their Canadian Accomplices, RCC News



May 26, 2010: June G20-G8 Summit Costs to Exceed $1.1B: The Fleecing of Canadian Taxpayers Continues, RCC News



May 25, 2010: Ignatieff Professes His Loyalty to Chrétien and His China-Benefiting Policies and Practices, RCC News


May 21, 2010: Power Corp’s Desmarais Through Investors Group CEO Murray Taylor Continue to Demonstrate Loyalty to the Nefarious Status Quo, RCC News


May 19, 2010: Canada’s Second Tier News Media Invited to Contribute to the National Awareness Campaign, RCC News



May 17, 2010: RCMP Abdicates its Public Interest Responsibility Again – Agency Continues to Protect Unlawful Status Quo, RCC News



May 15, 2010: MPs Deny Auditor General Access to Expense Accounts, Winnipeg Free Press

May 13, 2010: Chinese Company Invests $985M in Canada Oil Sands, Associated Press



May 5, 2010: Is There Something Profoundly Dysfunctional With Some of Canada’s Anti-Poverty, Social Justice  & Children Advocacy Organizations?, RCC News



April 24, 2010: After a Coup, Niger Resumes Business as Usual With China, New York Times 



April 13, 2010: China's Sinopec Takes $4.65-Billion US Stake in Oilsands with ConocoPhillips Buy, Canwest News Service



April 12, 2010: Timeline - Chinese Investment in Canada's Oil Sands, Reuters 


April 1, 2010: Athabasca IPO Melds Oil Sands' Might, China muscle, Reuters 


March 31, 2010: List of Pipeline Opponents Grows, Kitimat Sentinel 


March 25, 2010: Enbridge Inc.’s Fort McMurray to China Gateway Pipeline Still a Go, RCC News 



March 24, 2010: First Nations Band Together to Say No to Enbridge Pipeline, Vancouver Sun 



February 10, 2010: China Builds Stakes in Canadian Mining Companies, Globe & Mail 



December 3, 2009: China Finally Grants Canada Approved Destination Status, Canadian News Wire 



August 31, 2009: PetroChina Takes $1.9-Billion Stake in Oil Sands, Financial Post 



September 25, 2009: The Geo-Political Marginalization of Canada Persists: World Leaders Again Peripheralize Prime Minister Harper at Pittsburgh G20, RCC News 



October 22, 2008: China’s Largest Telecom Manufacturer Awarded Telecommunications Infrastructure Contracts by Bell Canada and Telus,


September 8, 2008: Harper Signals Continued Chinese Joint Sovereignty and Beijing’s Use of Canada as a Base of Imperialistic Operations, RCC News











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